Summer Wardrobe Inspiration: Our Moodboards

Have you ever heard the saying, moodboards make the world go round? Well, they do. They do in the world of fashion. Because without them you can’t initiate ideas, you can’t inspire those around you, you can consolidate a concept, and you certainly can’t create a collection or organise a photoshoot. A moodboard is the air that we breathe here in fashion. And we’d love to share our latest inspiration boards with you.


vintage florals moodboardFlorals come back every spring/summer and we just love how the trend reinvents itself each year. We’ve been inspired by vintage look florals and there are so many ways to style the print; you don’t have to go for the ‘obvious’ look. For instance, check out our chic and slightly androgynous floral print ties; floral print with a serious edge.


classic white shirt moodboard

Whether it’s denim or a basic white one, the classic shirt has been around forever. Kate Moss turned it into a sexy wardrobe must-have in the 90s, Christy Turlington turned the look iconic with Calvin Klein, and Angelina Jolie got pulses racing when she wore Brad Pitt’s white shirt in Mr & Mrs Smith. You simply can’t beat a classic, which is why we love our Ladbroke Shirt and our Ladbroke Denim Shirt so much.


bold accessories moodboard


“Friends don’t let friends leave the house without accessories” – that’s the motto behind this moodboard. SS15 is all about accessorising and no #OOTD is complete without a statement piece. From oversized bows and giant sun hats to intricately designed vintage brooches and cute collar necklaces, there are so many ways you can make your wardrobe stand out this summer. Feeling inspired? Take a look at our ready-to-wear collection of bows, ties and collars.

We hope you get some great summer inspiration from our fashion moodboards. All the best with your summer wardrobe!

DDR Team x



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