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We Love: The Classic Denim Shirt

We recently discussed our (and Karl Lagerfield’s) all-time favourite item of clothing; the classic white shirt. This week, we’re focused on another true classic; the denim shirt. Whilst there’s an element of understated glamour and sex appeal to a woman’s white shirt, there’s something much more wholesome about rocking a denim one. It’s fun, it’s tomboyish, and it’s casual to the core.

classic denim shirt

But here at Dawson D Rose, we know that casual doesn’t have to mean ordinary or boring. No, quite the opposite. Our take on casual can be just as sexy, just as glam. Photographed above is our beautiful Ladbroke Shirt in Denim and it’s been designed with a slimline silhouette to flatter your figure and a cute wing collar to add a bit of edge; this is a considered and contemporary take on an old classic. And our ready-to-wear bows, ties and collars collection is also the perfect way to make your shirt even more unique. Take a look at how you can style a denim shirt with Dawson D Rose accessories…

how to style denim shirt

The tie can be interpreted in a number of ways. It can look smart and perfect for work, funky and edgy, or it be a cute twist on the high-fashion androgynous look. Everyone wears it differently and that’s what we love about our women’s neckties.

denim shirt oversized bows

Or for something more theatrical, our oversized paisley bows (available in olive green or green/navy) can transform your look from tomboy to tomcat. It’s a seriously bold and feisty take on the classic female bow, giving your look so much more flair and just that little touch of flamboyance.

how to style denim shirt

We also have a whole range of smaller, more understated bows and detachable collars which can add a new dimension to your classic denim shirt.  Our peter pan or sailor collars are cute and feminine whilst our bow ties offer a more alternative look.  And of course, there’s always just the simple leave-it-alone approach because why mess with perfection…..

how to wear classic denim shirt

Our Denim Ladbroke Shirt looks incredible on its own. Wear with white washed denim, black skinnies or cigarette pants for a simple yet beautiful look. Barely there makeup and a messy ponytail will finish off your outfit perfectly. Now if this doesn’t scream ‘weekend’, we’re not sure what does…

DDR Team x