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Bow Tie Bloggers: More Women Who Look Hot in Bow Ties

Last week, we posted the celebrity edit of hot, inspirational women wearing the bow tie trend and rocking the androgynous look (see more here). This week, our focus is on fashion bloggers who are also nailing this style. Here at Dawson D Rose, we believe that life is too short to wear boring accessories which is why we always love adding a cute detachable collar or sweet bowtie to our shirts and t-shirts. You can view our most up to date collection online.

If you’re unsure of how to work the androgynous look, take some inspiration from these fabulous bloggers. Whether you go for slicked back hair with jeans and a blazer or a more feminine approach avec heels and a clutch bag, the bow tie is truly versatile…

not dressed as lamb

(Above: blogger Catherine from Not Dressed As Lamb)


fashion blogger bow tie

(Above: blogger Carlina from Allergic to Vanilla)


bow ties

(Above: blogger Miranda from Style Gallivanter)


women in bow ties

(Above: blogger Jelena from Diotima Blog)


how to style bow ties womens

(Above: street style image taken from Fashion Cadet Blog)

Love the bow tie look? If you’re loving all these bowtie ensembles, make sure you check out our gorgeous Diamond Shaped Bow Tie (£25.00) or our Navy Straight Shaped Bow Tie (£25.00). We’d love to see how you style your bowtie too so make sure you Tweet us or Instagram us your #OOTD pics.

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Bow Ties Aren’t Just for Men: Female Celebs Who Look Hot in Bow Ties

We know that androgynous style isn’t always so easy to pull off. And we know that our pretty tulle bow is probably the most tempting piece to buy if you’re a self-confessed ‘girly’ girl. But the tomboy look isn’t as inaccessible as some of you may think. Here we have a nice collection of female celebs rocking their boyish bow ties; and guess what? Not all of them are the typical tomboys you would expect!

Here are some of our favourite female stars looking hot in bow ties…

alexa chung bow tie

Alexa Chung is best known for her effortless fashion sense. She’s a modern vintage vixen, which is why we love her so much; because everything here at Dawson D Rose is inspired by timeless vintage style. In this cute bow tie, she brings together femininity and androgyny for a look that every girl can see themselves in. Get the Alexa Chung bowtie look with our cute Straight Shaped Bow Tie (£25.00).

Angelina Jolie bow tie

If anyone’s got that hot tomboy charm nailed, it’s gotta be Angelina Jolie. She’s just as alluring in a floor length red carpet gown as she is in her Tomb Raider khaki gear. No matter what this woman wears, she rocks it. Here she teams up with husband Brad Pitt for the sexy tuxedo look. Pull off the tux and tie look with one of our stunning Floral Neck Ties (£25.00).

diane kruger bow tie

If you want the perfect example of feminine fox turned tomboy, Diane Kruger is your lady. As one of the most beautiful female stars to have graced our screens and as one of the most demure ladies of our time, it sure does make us happy seeing her embrace the tomboyish bow tie. Not once, but twice! If you want to rock a Diane Kruger style bowtie, take a look at our adorable and chic Diamond Bow Tie (£25.00).

kourtney kardashian bow tie

Kourtney Kardashian, like the rest of her sisters, is undoubtedly a ‘girly’ girl. She loves high heels, makeup, designer handbags and gorgeous dresses. But this cute little ensemble keeps her totally covered up with an understated and boyish appeal; we think it’s so incredibly sexy. Combine a slick tailored jacket, a classic white shirt and some neck bow detail to recreate Kourtney’s party-ready style. Get the look with our made-to-order White Ladbroke Shirt (£90.00) and ready-to-wear Paisley Print Neck Tie (£25.00).

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