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Bow Tie Week Roundup


bow tie week

So last week we began  Bow Tie Week on our Twitter and Instagram, where everyday we shared a new outfit of the day featuring one of our super cool bow ties. From the likes of effortless Alexa Chung and the quirky Rita Ora to the magnificently beautiful Hollywood movie star Diane Kruger, there’s a bow tie, necktie or collar for every girl.

But we know, we know, it’s not something that everyone finds easy to style (even though it’s amazingly easy). So we thought we’d let you into our wardrobe for 7 whole days via the power of social media. Here’s our roundup of #bowtieweek…


This look is so chic. A simple bow tie can jazz up a plain denim shirt or dress. Add a vintage belt and some pretty wristwear and you’re good to go. This look is completely effortless.

blue bow tie

(Above: styled with our Blue Straight Shaped Bow Tie and our Ladbroke Shirt in Denim)



This look is sort of regal, no? We think it’s so Ascot but with a slight androgynous edge. Either tuck the neckerchief into your shirt / top or tie it with a knot Audrey Hepburn style. And don’t you just love the quirky horse print? What a great twist.

neckerchief horses

(Above: styled with our Horse Print Neckerchief)



Peppered with hearts, this tulle oversized bow collar is just the prettiest. Perfect for the girly girl, this transparent tulle pops against any colour. Here we’ve gone for a bright red jumper with contrasting cobalt heels and acid wash jeans for a bold and youthful look.

tulle bow tie

(Above: styled with our Tulle Heart Print Bow)



On the fourth day we wanted to fuse something wild with something dainty. We threw together a sheer leopard print shirt with our detachable Peter Pan collar to create a recipe of love. Simple yet gorgeous.

detachable collar

(Above: styled with our Detachable Peter Pan Collar)



Fridays are about going all out and making a statement. So we’ve dug out some chunky gold jewellery (very on trend at the moment) and clashed it together with our classic paisley necktie. It’s an eyecatching look that can add an edge to any outfit.

paisley necktie

(Above: styled with our Paisley Crossover Neck Tie



This look is for the eclectic dresser. If your wardrobe is filled with vintage gems, clashing prints and crazy colours, we dedicate this outfit of the day to you. Combine a tie with a long chunky necklace to add another dimension to an everyday t-shirt.

floral tie

(Above: styled with our Floral Denim Tie)



We toned our look down on Sunday with a very simple jacket and bow tie combo. A plain white shirt or black top would work perfectly to bring out the gorgeous colours of this wonderful paisley print. So sophisticated yet fun at the same time.

womens bow tie

(Above: styled with our Paisley Diamond Shaped Bow Tie)

We really hope everyone has enjoyed Bow Tie Week. Make sure you follow us on Instagram (@dawsondrose) or Twitter (@dawsondrose) to catch our next style project (we promise it will be something exciting!). And don’t forget you can shop all bow ties on our website.



Interview: Model & Blogger Sabrina Carder

Every so often we have a girl crush here at DDR. And this week, we’re crushing on the talented, beautiful and eccentric Sabrina Carder. Sabrina did an amazing job modelling our AW14/SS15 pieces (you can see her rocking DDR over on the Dawson D Rose lookbook) but we wanted to find out more about the real girl behind the camera and The Young Eccentric blog.

sabrina 6

We took to our pen and paper and quizzed this creative young model about life, fashion, and all the things in between. Read on to see our interview with The Young Eccentric’s Sabrina Carder and discover a unique insight into the life of a girl who refers to her personality and fashion sense as “completely batty”. And that’s why we love you, Sabrina.

Q1) What inspired you to start blogging?

Ever since I started to dress myself I have always walked out of my room and been greeted with “Sabrina what ARE you wearing!?” from friends and family. So when it got to my late teens two years ago and was still being asked that question I started my blog to see if I really did dress like a weird kid or if there were people out there who shared my style.

Q2) How did you come up with the name ‘Young Eccentric’?

I have absolutely no idea – it was a moment of genius. I give my very dyslexic, muddled brain a pat every time someone says they love the name! I think one of the main inspirations behind it was probably my nan who was an absolute legend, full of fun and made everything an adventure. She always encouraged me to be myself and we both shared a quirky outlook on life so I guess I liked the idea of thinking I was a young version of her. To people who know me they say that The Young Eccentric ‘is so you!’ as it does perfectly describe my personality and style. AKA completely batty.

sabrina 2

Q3) You’ve also got a passion for photography? Tell us about that?

My main creative outlet throughout my teens was creating art using photography and film. I loved thinking of concepts and bringing them to life through images. I have always found it fun and exciting! Whilst studying my degree in Film & Television Production I missed the creative freedom that I used to have creating my own work. Starting my blog enabled me to fully express myself again and also in a much more personal way as my blog is mainly about my personal style. I like to photograph my outfits in a way that reflects the style; I recently got an uber 90s graphic tee which I am planning to shoot on a bed of Pokemon cards I recently found in a box (I am so excited!).

Q4) How does being a model influence your blogging?

Haha, only in the past 4 months have I really been able to say ‘yes, I’m a model’ and not cringe to myself.  I think it’s because becoming a model wasn’t something I went looking for. I just started my blog and then somehow started getting jobs from brands. For me being a model means that I am the canvas that all creative outlets create their art piece on and I love that! The best part about being a model is meeting the people who designed the clothes so I get to fully understand the inspirations and creative thoughts behind what the designer is trying to achieve. Through experiencing it all I feel it helps my blogging because it makes it a lot more personal, rather than trying to write a post on a brand where I have just had a few images emailed to me.

sabrina 5

Q5) What’s so powerful about blogging? What can blogs do that magazines can’t?

I think everyone is becoming more aware of how blogging is overpowering magazines. I think firstly it’s the immediacy of a blog that helps, people can source the same information faster and for free by going on a blog rather than waiting a few weeks to buy a magazine. But mostly I think it’s because blogs are created by real people who the readers can relate to and interact with, therefore creating personal relationships. Being a fashion blogger I think it’s very important that girls see the latest trends on a normal person and not some 5’10 airbrushed super model. Blogging is closing the gap between the idea of fashion being about the glossy mag and helping to bring back a more realistic image, giving power to girls like (5”4 often sans make up) me.

Q6) Where do you find you fashion inspiration?

I love Tumblr – it’s the perfect place to find and store all my inspirations. I love anything that makes me feel nostalgic which often means a lot of the time I look like a 90s reject. I own a large variety of 90s clothing from a Bart Simpson jumper to buffalo boots – I’m still just a 90s kid at heart! But you never know with me, my versatile style means you never quite know what I’m going to turn up in or from what era. I also love looking like a grunge grandma as I kept all my nan’s clothes which I love to style into looks (I also have a very large tea cup collection).

Q7) Give us your top blogger style tips…

Style for me is an extension of my personality and a way in which I express myself. It’s taken me 21 years and 2 years of blogging to drown out anyone trying to tell me what my style should be and to have the confidence to wear what makes me feel happy. My style tip for anyone, especially girls is to be yourself and dress how YOU want to. It may not be easy now but in the long run you will be so much more self-confident and happy, and people will give you so much more respect for being yourself rather than following the crowd.

bow tie womens

Thanks to the wonderful Sabrina for answering our interview questions. And to finish off our #bowtieweek here at Dawson S Rose, we’ve finished off the interview with an image of Sabrina in our fabulous Diamond Shaped Bow Tie.

Shop all bow ties and collars here or follow us on instagram to see our Bow Tie Week #OOTD posts for style inspiration!

We Love Bow Ties

Everybody knows that bow ties are cool and at Dawson D Rose we couldn’t agree more. Hence why this A/W we launched an extended range of uniquely stylish neckwear.

ddr bow tie trio

(From the left: Dawson D Rose Neckerchief, Diamond Bow Tie, Straight Bow Tie)

As if you needed any further convincing, let’s take a look at some of the most stylish neckwear aficionados that we’re inspired by.

inspo neckwear wearers

(From the left: Sophia from, Alexa Chung, Arabella from, Twiggy)

We’re so enamoured with neckwear because from the ultra-masculine look of the inimitable Twiggy, to the sweet feminine style of Arabella Golby, there’s a neckwear option for all of your style moods. A cute bow collar like our tulle love hearts option is perfect for when you want to be girly, whereas a sailor collar like our embroiderie Anglaise style adds a bit of vintage flair. So to prove our point, on Monday we’re launching the DAWSON D ROSE BOW TIE WEEK during which we’ll wear a Dawson D Rose bow tie or neck piece every day, for 7 days. So check us out on Instagram @dawsondrose for some great looks.